Most common mistakes Companies do with their IT department

Let’s go through the story between IT & Business department along with the types of common mistakes. I have noticed in my career that the business requirement is sometimes not well defined and there is a miscommunication between IT & Business department. It will end up putting humongous pressure on IT department to meet the project deadline.  

I am not targeting specific industry but it’s common issues across all industry verticals. IT department always works on the requirements furnish by the business side and the first mistakes starts from the IT department by not spending time on proper evaluation and estimations.  You will not be able deliver the product on time as expected or somehow if you manage to deliver on time then it will not be delivered with high quality standards and eventually it leads to loss in the company.

Let’s go through the 5 mistakes Company’s do with their IT departments in details.


Ignoring the miscommunication between IT & business people

There should be meeting between the department to discuss the needs of a company and how it could improve the company profits and productivity.

Almost more than 60 % of the project’s fails due to miscommunication and it leads to loss to the company.  To avoid these mistakes both department should communicate on a regular basis on requirement & delivery plan.


Project are implemented as Standalone systems 

It means the company implement their systems in a standalone mode i.e. ERP, CRM, HR etc. are in different environment (platform), servers. All this system is not properly talking to each other and there can be a complex process to achieve this. It increases the huge maintenance cost and huge dependencies on the product owner beco’z only that person knows the complexity of the system.


Treat IT department as support office or expense department 

A company assumes that the IT department is for support only and limiting their role within that boundary. IT can bring a lot of values in the company with new innovation or by defining the ideal structure of the systems.


IT systems without standard architecture 

A company sometime does not spend enough time & money to evaluate the standard architecture proposed by the IT. We almost hear 2 most common words that “Company does not have budget” & “IT department does not generate revenue as it the cost centre for company”. With this kind of challenges and budget issue the IT department cannot implement the standard architecture and most of the time the system does not have the quality or stability.


Success comes by implementing following mantras like - Work as team, Have Transparency, No politics & defines standard process or practise.