Performance Testing

Once the development is completed then the next target is to test the performance of the application. The software cannot be released / go live without doing performance test based on given criteria.

We have to measure the performance of the application based on the no. of target users, SLA furnished by client.  Basically performance test is done to check the speed, scalability, stability, Resource Usage, Throughput of the application to provide the data to the project stakeholders.   Below are the key factors of the performance testing:-

  • Speed -  Monitor response time
  • Scalability – Monitor the software application with maximum user load
  • Stability – Determine whether the application is stable under different loads
  • Resource Usage- Monitor CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Network Usage.
  • Throughput – Monitor the amount of transactions over given period of time.



Performance testing produces the output helps to identify the parts of the application which performs badly during test. Based on the output results we can start tuning the software by following the standard guidelines and sometime by revisiting the architecture.



Below are the types of the performance testing: -

  • Load Testing - Monitor the behavior of the application under specific load.
  • Stress Testing- To identify the breaking point of the application i.e. measure that how it handles heavy traffic or data processing.
  • Endurance Testing – To monitor that the application can handle the expected load over a long period of time.
  • Spike Testing – To monitor the behavior of the application by suddenly increasing the loads generated by the large no. of users.
  • Volume Testing – Monitor the application by populating large of data in the database.
  • Scalability Testing – To monitor the application capacity (no. of user load)


Mostly the bottlenecks occurred during performance testing is CPU utilizations, Memory utilizations, Network utilizations, disk usage & Operating systems limitations. Based on the infrastructure setup each company will prepare the plan to handle the bottlenecks by different ways.