Liferay portal

A portal is a web-based gateway which allows users to locate and create relevant content and use the applications they commonly

need to be productive.   



Liferay Portal is one of the most mature portal frameworks on the Market and it is open source, fully customizable.


Liferay Portal was the first to provide an easy-to-use, drag-anddrop interface

Liferay Portal is server-agnostic, and is designed to fit into your Environment

Liferay portal has multiple capabilities and most importantly are – Collaboration, Social, Enterprise CMS, Integration etc.


Runs on all major application servers & servlet containers, databases, and operating systems with over 700 deployment

combinations , JSR-168 & JSR-286 Compliant ,Out-of-the-box usability with over 60 portlets pre-bundled.

Built in Content Management System (CMS) ,Collaboration suite ,Personalized pages for all users



Hot-Deployable Theme Architecture with Online Software Catalog

Freeform / WebOS layout

Just In Time Portlet Rendering

Fine-Grained Permissions System



Service Builder: Liferay's Code Generator

CSS Compliance

Liferay Archive (LAR) Import / Export

Write portlets with Plugins SDK 

Completely customize Liferay with EXT Plugins


Standard Complaints

JSR 127 (JSF)

JSR 168 (Portlet Specification)

JSR 286 (Portlet 2.0 Specification)

JSR 170 (Content Repository)

JSR 208 (Java Business Integration)

AJAX, Spring, Struts, Tiles,

Velocity, WSRP