Liferay uses an internal Lucene search index. If you want to integrate advanced search then you need to reconfigure your portal to use an external Solr one. Liferay provide a plugin for doing just that: solr-web (now solr4-web).


We will discuss the integration of Liferay 6.2 EE , Liferay Solr plugin and SOLR 4 search server.


Below is the SOLR standard architecture diagram for reference :-



Install solr4-web plugin into Liferay. Either through the Marketplace or by dropping the .lpkg file into the deploy directory.
<property name="url" value="http://localhost:8983/solr/liferay" />

Unzip Solr:
cd /opt
tar xvfz solr-4.3.1.tgz
Copy sample core to one for Liferay to use:
cd solr-4.3.1/example/solr
cp -r collection1 liferay
cd liferay
rm README.txt
Start Solr.
Add core in Solr web interface.
Stop Solr.
Install the Solr config provided with the plugin:
[root@orac liferay]# cd conf
[root@orac conf]# cp /opt/liferay/tomcat-7.0.42/webapps/solr4-web/WEB-INF/conf/* .
cp: overwrite `./schema.xml'? y
cp: overwrite `./solrconfig.xml'? y

Restart Liferay.
Reindex search indexes in Liferay's control panel.